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A new series of Beer Social Events at EBC. Come together over craft beer, community, and collaboration. From Boardgames to Ballroom, there are events for everyone. Workshops led by professionals in their own field. Get Out. Be Social, Drink Craft!!

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Saturday, April 29th

Sunparlour Players and Broadway Draws

The 20th installment of our ongoing "Dead Radio, Love" music series brings the return of none other than Sunparlour Players and this time, they will be joined by Elora's own Broadway Draws at the Elora Brewing Company!

We can't think of a better way to shake off the winter this spring!

Tickets are $15 in advance, $20 at the door. Available at the brewery or through the link above.

For dinner reservations before the show, please call ahead to the brewery. Dinner reservations are for the upstairs dining room only. Show seating is first come, first serve.

Some info on the bands:

Sunparlour Players (Toronto, ON)

Toronto’s multi-instrumental duo Sunparlour Players have been captivating audiences for seven years with their incredible live performances and three critically acclaimed albums; ‘Hymns For The Happy’ (2007 – Baudelaire), ‘Wave North’ (2009 – Outside Music) and ‘Us Little Devils’ (2011 – Outside Music). Their latest, ‘The Living Proof’ (Outside Music Distribution), is their most powerful and personal effort to date; creating a perfect time capsule of what makes the Sunparlour Players one of the best live acts in Canada.

‘The Living Proof’ is filled with songs that are living things that exist now. They do not harken back. They do not romanticize. It is a forecast of sorts (“All we are is cancer in the ground” – from the track “Nain Rouge”). It's about blowing an idea apart and putting it back together.

Recorded in Toronto at the Lincoln County Social Club and The Cellar, ‘The Living Proof’ sees the band continuing to expand their sound, embracing folk, electronic and punk influences. “We needed a place where time wasn't a factor. We wanted to focus with no distractions”, says Penner. To help achieve this raw and direct sound, the band again brought on Chris Stringer (Timber Timbre, Wooden Sky, Rush) to produce. Stringer, who produced the Sunparlour’s critically acclaimed ‘Us Little Devils’ album (one of Exclaim! 2011 best folk records of the year), found a bridge between styles that sees the band stretching past anywhere they’ve gone before. The songs are joyful and challenging, playful and surprising. “The new album is what we are. And we are always looking out to new places,” muses Penner. This music brings you to the edge of breakdown and bliss.

Extensive touring over the past few years, including gigs with Mumford & Sons, Blue Rodeo, Wooden Sky, Rural Alberta Advantage, Elliott Brood, The Sadies and Plants & Animals, as well as their own headlining schedule of shows in barns, backyards, theatres and clubs has won the band fans and accolades across the country. On stage, Sunparlour Players take their audience through a roller coaster of emotion and energy, thunderous stomping one moment and delicate strumming the next, always backed by the band’s boundless energy. This is a lot of noise for just two guys. ‘The Living Proof’ is the at home version of the Sunparlour Players live show. Enjoy the ride.

Broadway Draws (Elora, ON)

Necessary years of evolution and growth pinnacled where musicality and players collaborate to find just the right balance and energy. It culminated to produce the musical art that was brewing and maturing that whole time. The point achieved has given way to a depth in songwriting and cohesiveness in the songs, that gives a truly refreshing and broad appeal.

From the emotional pull of B-sides to the upbeat reminder of Not As Young, listeners get an honest feel of the rawness and passion of everyday life, as varied as it can be.

The heartfelt passion behind The Guarantees, of losing someone before their time and bringing voice to the void that it leaves behind, really resonates to the core.

There's no doubt that the debut album of Broadway Draws resonates in the musical landscape and hits down to the nerve in anybody listening and looking for a renewed love for soulful, passion filled musicianship.

Led by singer/songwriter and guitarist Kyle Binden, listeners are treated to a variety of opportunities to experience the music from solo or duo shows to the full band experience. There's a sight and sound from Broadway Draws that resonates with audiences of all sizes.


Thursday, April 19th

Retro Paint Lounge @ EBC w/ Judy Anderson


With Judy Anderson
Age: 18+
A roll up your sleeve kinda workshop led by local yokel artist Judy Anderson of Kukucaju where low tech art-making fuses with the wide-eye naivety of a child and the reluctant knowing of an adult. Come create, sip, and head home with your own handcrafted chunky wooden wall art for the rumpus room. All Canadian Lumber Jack and Chainsaw Jill [when registering please specify Jack or Jill].

Wednesday April 19th 7 – 9:30PM
@EBC 2nd Floor
$85+ tax

*Drinks not included.


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